WE GO BEYOND FAIR TRADE The way the coffee supply chain operates means that small farmers usually capture  less than 10% of the retail price of coffee. Small farmers, often cash strapped and  isolated, are easy prey for local traders, exporters and subsidiaries of multinational  companies, which can offer them low prices in exchange for their crop. Kenya Coffee House has developed a brand that has partnered directly with local  coffee growers in Kenya and other parts of Africa giving them an opportunity to sell  their products directly to the consumers while reducing the number of middlemen in  the supply chain. We go beyond Fair-trade.   At a country level, the economic growth of Kenya is closely linked to tourism and  coffee production, as well as other primary commodities. Kenya depends on coffee  exports and tourism for a large part of its foreign exchange earnings. Any instability in  these sectors means the country has difficulties in meeting debt service obligations  and are unable to make much-needed investments in health, education, infrastructure etc.   Kenya Coffee House is targeting to expand to over 25 countries and as we open more  stores, the demand for Kenyan coffee will also increase exponentially with a positive  increase in the much needed foreign exchange for the country. Kenya Coffee House in partnership with 1. Kericho County  2. Meru County  3. Nyeri County  OPENING TIME: Monday - Friday 8AM - 10:30PM, Saturday - Sunday - 9AM - 11PM (Safari Buffet) Company No. 07446546