WE CARE ABOUT OUR COMMUNITIES All our merchandise is produced by youth and women groups in Kenya and other parts  of Africa. One of the challenges in African countries is the large numbers of unemployed  and uneducated youth, women and men. A number of the youth and women have  formed groups that produce different crafts and gift items as a source of daily income.   The biggest challenge with these groups is accessing market for their products. Kenya  Coffee House has partnered with some of these groups to promote and sell their  products on their behalf.  More than 80% of the revenues we generate from the sale of  merchandise go back to these groups. In addition 10% of every pound spent in our stores goes towards  Provision of one litre of water to a family in Kenya or  Provision of one mosquito net to a family in Kenya in the fight against malaria or  Provision of one Polio vaccination for a child in Kenya  Our focus is also to assist communities develop through drilling of bore holes,  supporting of medical camps and paying school fees to the less fortunate. We are also creating new employment opportunities in the regions and cities where we  open our coffee houses and take pride in supporting local charity and community  activities.   OPENING TIME: Monday - Friday 8AM - 10:30PM, Saturday - 9AM - 11PM, Sunday 10am - 6PM